Blue Lobster is our bold and vibrant light Navy shade. Blue Lobster has rich depth and was Inspired by the rare Blue Lobsters caught off our Cornish shores. Blue Lobster has a lot of character and will be sure to impress.

Blue Lobster

SKU: 0004
  • Cornish Milk has been designed to be used for upcycling furniture, walls, floors and can literally be applied to every other paintable surface you can think off, making our mineral paint an all in one paint for inside and outside your home. 

    Cornish Milk Mineral Paint proudly contains virtually no VOC's, made from natural ingredients and best of all our formula is vegan, as our formula contains no milk or milk proteins... It's just been designed to replicate a classic Milk Paint finish.

    No Cows have been harmed in the making of our Paint line!