Dixie Belle’s BOSS - A primer that Blocks Odour, Stains, Stops bleed through of certain woods 

BOSS is a versatile primer which:
- Blocks musty or unpleasant odours 
- Blocks bleed through of stains such as wood tannins, old varnishes, water/oil marks, pen etc.

When would you use BOSS primer and which one should you choose?
Some pieces of furniture, even when painted, will experience ‘bleed through’, where ugly stains re-surface after or during painting.

Bleed through tends to be more of an issue when using lighter colours. If you believe your project may be susceptible, you should prime with BOSS after cleaning and before painting. If the problem arisies after you have begun painting, let the paint you have applied dry and then apply BOSS, once dry your can continue painting as usual.

If your piece has a musty or unpleasant odour, applying BOSS will seal the surface to prevent the smell from coming through by sealing in the smell.

Boss by Dixie Belle