The name is a giveaway with Gator Hide - it’s tough as tough can be! This is a must for your kitchen refurb projects, painted tabletops, and anything else you think needs some bomb-proofing. Once applied, Gator Hide is water repellent, so you can clean and scrub your painted surfaces without damaging them.


PLEASE NOTE: Water-based sealers such as Gator Hide are best used over lighter colours as they are non-yellowing. Over darker colours they can appear ‘cloudy’ if applied too thickly. Consider an oil-based sealer over very dark colours (Hemp Seed Oil, Big Mama’s Butta or Fusion’s Stain & Finishing Oil), or you may tint your Gator Hide with a very small amount of paint. Take care to ensure very thin applications to achieve the best result.

How to Apply:
Applied just like Clear Coat (brush or wipe on in very thin layers – three is recommended for ultimate durability), Gator Hide is a water-based product, so there’s no mucky clean up either, just warm soapy water! Check out Dixie Belle’s Blue Gator Hide Sponge for a smooth application.


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236ml (8oz) gives 37.5 sq ft of coverage (3.5 sq m)
473ml (16oz) gives 75 sq ft of coverage (7 sq m)
946ml (32oz) gives 150 sq ft of coverage (14 sq m)

Gator Hide 8oz