Mor has been named after our Cornish seas, as ''Mor'' in our Cornish language means Sea/Ocean. Mor is our darker blue which is packed with rich earthy pigments that gives strength and depth to this beautiful colour.


  • ''Our colours represented on our colour chart above has been rendered digitally and may not be identical in colour when applied to a surface. The actual colours of the applied paint will vary based on a number of factors, including lighting, surface type and any previous undercoats. We recommend that you test our paint on a test area before painting in order to see what the end results will be''.

  • Mor Console Table

    This vintage oak console table has been painted by Deb at Flippin' Sixpence in Cornish Milk Mineral paint.  Top has had a wax finish to allow the natural beauty of the oak to be seen.

    Fish House and Mor painted display cabinets. 

    This beautiful pair of pine cabinets were painted by Reece @ Cornish Milk in our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint colours ''Fish House and Mor''.  left block colour for a modern finish.